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Latest Government Jobs in Cairo, Egypt

 Latest / Current Government / Public Sector Jobs / Vacancies in Cairo, Egypt, in almost all Sector / Department / Organization / Agency of Central and State Government of Egypt.

More than 1000 Latest / Current Government Jobs / Vacancy in Cairo, Egypt

About Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the capital and biggest city of Egypt. The Cairo metropolitan region, with a populace of 21.3 million, is the biggest metropolitan region in the Arab world, the second-biggest in Africa, and the 6th biggest on the planet. Cairo is related to old Egypt, as the well-known Giza pyramid perplexing and the antiquated city of Memphis is situated in its topographical region. Situated close to the Nile Delta, Cairo was established in 969 AD during the Fatimid line, however, the land making the present-day city was the site of Ancient National Capitals whose remainders stay noticeable in pieces of Old Cairo. Cairo has for quite some time been the focal point of the locale's political and social life and is named "the city of 1,000 minarets" for its dominance of Islamic engineering. Cairo's notable community was granted World Heritage Site status in 1979. Cairo is viewed as a World City with a "Beta +" order as per GaWC. 

Today, the Egyptian capital has the most seasoned and biggest film and music businesses in the Arab world, just as the world's second-most seasoned organization of higher learning, Al-Azhar University. Numerous global media, organizations, and associations have local central command in the city; the Arab League has had its base camp in Cairo for the majority of its reality. 

With a populace of more than 9 million spread more than 453 km2 (175 sq mi), Cairo is by a wide margin the biggest city in Egypt. An extra 9.5 million occupants live in closeness to the city. Cairo, in the same way as other megacities, experiences undeniable degrees of contamination and traffic. The Cairo Metro is one of just two metro frameworks in Africa (the other being in Algiers, Algeria), and positions among the fifteen most active on the planet, with more than 1 billion[16] yearly traveler rides. The economy of Cairo was positioned first in the Middle East in 2005 and 43rd all around the world on Foreign Policy's 2010 Global Cities Index.

Google Map of Cairo, Egypt 

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