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About Mauritius:-

Mauritius, authoritatively the Republic of Mauritius, is an island country in the Indian Ocean around 2,000 kilometers (1,200 mi) off the southeast shoreline of the African mainland, east of Madagascar. It incorporates the fundamental island (likewise called Mauritius), just as Rodrigues, Agaléga, and St. Brandon. The islands of Mauritius and Rodrigues, alongside adjacent Réunion (a French abroad office), are important for the Mascarene Islands. The capital and biggest city, Port Louis, is situated in Mauritius, where the majority of the populace is concentrated. The nation traverses 2,040 square kilometers (790 sq mi) and has a select monetary zone covering 2.3 million square kilometers.

Middle Easterner mariners were quick to find the uninhabited island, around 975, and they called it Dina Arobi. The soonest affirmed revelation was in 1507 by Portuguese mariners, who in any case checked out the islands. The Dutch took ownership in 1598, building up a progression of fleeting settlements over a time of around 120 years, prior to forsaking their endeavors in 1710. France took control in 1715, renaming it Isle de France. In 1810, the island was seized by Great Britain, and after four years France surrendered Mauritius and its conditions to Britain. As a British state, Mauritius included Rodrigues, Agaléga, St. Brandon, Tromelin, the Chagos Archipelago, and, until 1906, Seychelles. Sovereignty over Tromelin is questioned among Mauritius and France, as it was not explicitly referenced in the Treaty of Paris. Mauritius stayed an essentially ranch-based settlement of the United Kingdom until freedom in 1968. 

In 1965, three years before Mauritius became free, the UK split off the Chagos Archipelago from the Mauritian region, and furthermore split off the islands of Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches from Seychelles, to frame British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). The neighborhood populace was persuasively ousted and the biggest island, Diego Garcia, was rented to the United States. The UK has confined admittance to the Chagos Archipelago, notwithstanding section to relaxed sightseers, the media, and previous inhabitants. The power of the Chagos is questioned among Mauritius and the UK. In February 2019, the International Court of Justice gave a warning assessment requesting the UK to return the Chagos Islands to Mauritius as quickly as conceivable to finish the decolonization of Mauritius. 

Attributable to its geographic area and hundreds of years of imperialism, individuals of Mauritius are profoundly different in identity, culture, language, and confidence. It is the main country in Africa where Hinduism is the most rehearsed religion. The island's administration is firmly demonstrated on the Westminster parliamentary framework, and Mauritius is exceptionally positioned for majority rule government and for monetary and political opportunity. Mauritius is the main African nation to be in the "exceptionally high" classification on the Human Development Index. As indicated by the World Bank, the nation is named a big-time salary economy. Mauritius is likewise positioned as the most aggressive, and one of the most evolved economies in the African region. The nation is a government assistance state. The public authority gives free all-inclusive medical care, let loose instruction through the tertiary level, and free open transportation for understudies, senior residents, and the disabled. In 2019, Mauritius was positioned as the most serene African country by the Global Peace Index.

Alongside the other Mascarene Islands, Mauritius is known for its differed widely varied vegetation. Numerous species are endemic to the island. The island was the main known home of the dodo, which, alongside a few other avian animal categories, was made terminated by human exercises generally before long the island's settlement.