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MP Rojgar Panjiyan - Madhya Pradesh Rajgar Panjiyan Full Information

 MP Rajgar Panjiyan is Started by Madhya Pradesh, India State Government to increase employment in Madhya Pradesh by offering a wide variety of Government Job Vacancies to Eligible people of any caste. Right Now, more than 5,500 Job Vacancies are available under the MP Rojgar Portal. 

Madhya Pradesh Rajgar Portal Full Information

MP Rojgar Portal currently has 3259150 Active Job Seekers, 16139 Active Employers, and 14285 Active Jobs/Vacancies. You can find complete information about MP Rojgar Portal on its Official Website.

About Madhya Pradesh Rojgar Portal:-

The MP Rojgar portal has been designed with the intention of bringing job seekers/unemployed with skills, and employers on a common platform.

On this portal, Job Seekers/unemployed can register themselves, evolute their profile, generate a resume/cv, select employment opportunities, and apply for job vacancies easily.

The employers, which are already registered on the portal, can post jobs/vacancies, invite applicants, and identify suitable profiles registered on the portal. Further, the portal will also create an automatic window to schedule interviews via phone calls or in person.

The MP Rojgar Portal offers an in-built mechanism of matching a job seeker’s or unemployed's profile with active job vacancies opportunities. The system offers suggestions of relevant job opportunities to a job seeker who is already registered on the portal. In addition to this, a job seeker can search for active job opportunities posted on the system using one or more of the following educational background, experience, and qualifications.

Via this portal, career counseling and skill development information is also provided about the courses. Also with the Toll-free number provided on the portal, the applicant will get the resolution of the problems faced by them.

How to get Registered on MP Rojgar Portal:-

Job Seekers can Click Here to Register themself on the MP Rajgar Portal Official Website by Madhya Pradesh State Government.

Employers can Click Here to Register themself on the MP Rajgar Portal Official Website by Madhya Pradesh State Government.

More than 5,500 Fresh/Latest/Current/New/Urgent/ Updated Job Vacancies in 9 Departments/Categories are Listed below:-

Machine Operator (4751 Job Vacancies)

Sales Officer (532 Job Vacancies)

Accountant (164 Job Vacancies)

Tele-Caller (134 Job Vacancies)

Courier Boy (50 Job Vacancies)

Personal Assistant (12 Job Vacancies)

Node Js (12 Job Vacancies)

Full-Stack Developer (7 Job Vacancies)

Receptionist (5 Job Vacancies)

Click Here to Find Jobs within the Categories listed above.

Physical Addresses of MP Rojgar Portal:-

Call Center:


Employment service center

Operated by Yashaswi Academy for Talent Management (On PPP Basis) (Call Centre)

Office No. 11, First Floor, Satellite Plaza, Ayodhya Bypass, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462041

Call Centre Head:- Siddharth Shrivastava


TOLL-FREE NO:-1800-1027-751

Office Address and Contact Address of MP Rojgar Portal of 12 Cities of Madhya Pradesh in Alphabetical Order:-

District Office - Bhopal

Manager:-Sangram Thakur

Phone:7620603316, 0755-2661344

District Office - HOSHANGABAD

Manager:-Rohit Dubey


District Office - INDORE

Manager:-Jitendra Pandey


District Office - DEWAS

Manager:-Kuldeep Singh

Phone:9074097777, 0727-2252296

District Office - DHAR

Manager:-Jitendra Pandey

Phone:9425025714, 0729-2222218

District Office - UJJAIN

Manager:-Vinod Thakur

Phone:7620603334, 0734-2525605

District Office:-GWALIOR

Manager:-Rakesh Nayak


District Office - SAGAR

Manager:-Balmukund Yadav

Phone:7620603276, 0758-2298537

District Office - JABALPUR

Manager:-Yogendra Chauhan

Phone:7620603268, 0761-4007028

District Office - SHAHDOL

Manager:-Manish Bhatt

Phone:9131374412, 0765-2292275

District Office - REWA

Manager:-Pawan Pandey

Phone:8319552606, 0762-4707271

District Office - SATNA



District Office - KATNI

Manager:-Sumit Shrivastava


District Office - SINGRAULI

Manager:-Sanjiv Singh


District Office - KHARGONE

Manager:-Asif Sheik